The Ohel Moshe Beit Horaah is widely used throughout the New York community, and is expanding rapidly in New York as well as in other Jewish communities worldwide. Currently, the project is solely undertaken by Rav Shay Tahan, shlita, who makes himself available around the clock to answer any and all Halachic questions in a confidential manner,if preferred. This service is provided completely free of charge. Baruch Hashem, the demand has now increased to the point that it is simply not possible for one man to handle the volume of questions. It has therefore become necessary to bring in other Rabbanim to answer Halachic questions, as well as buy the needed sefarim, pay for technical equipment, and to maintain the shul’s facilities. We plan to expand by enlisting Rabbanim from different backgrounds (ie. Sepharadi, Ashkenazi, Chassidish), creating an environment of achdut and giving you the ability to speak to the rabbi of your choice.

Rabbanim will be available from 10:00 AM ­ 7:00 PM Sunday ­ Thursday (Friday/Motzei Shabbat hours to be determined) to answer questions in person, or through phone calls/text/WhatsApp. This will enable you not only to receive Halachic guidance appropriate to your personal background, but also to form a personal relationship with any given Rabbi, if you choose to do so. Donate today to secure your zechut in building this project of Avodat HaKodesh on the scale that is needed, and help yourself and your fellow Jews to better follow the Halachah. Every donation goes directly to the Beit Horaah. It is only through your donations that we can continue to help you. Tizku Lemitzvot!