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Cold Usage

Utensils that generally get used for cold food or drinks only, such as cups, need to be cleaned well, but do not require any further koshering. If there is a possibility that they were used for hot, according to the Rama (who rules that we are stringent regarding rov tashmisho) they would need hagala or libun, whichever way one might have used the utensil. For example, a bowl which is used for breakfast cereals and was never used for hot food, would only need to be washed well before using it on Pesach. If it sometimes gets used for hot oatmeal, it would need hagala according to the Rama. Sephardim rely on the Shulchan Aruch’s ruling that we choose the method of koshering a utensil based on how it is primarily used.

Cold, in the context of koshering utensils, does not mean cool. Rather cold is anything less than yad soledet bo. The temperature of yad soledet bo is a dispute among the late Acharonim, and is anywhere between 104 – 113 degrees Fahrenheit.