Halacha » Hagala


Hagala means using boiling water to pull out the beliot in the utensil. Since there is a rule of k’bolo kach polto – whichever method of cooking was originally used to put the beliot in the utensil is the method that can remove the beliot. The type of cooking used for hagala can differ from case to case. Whatever level of cooking was used to put the beliot in the utensil will be the level necessary to remove beliot from the utensil. Beliot absorbed through a kli rishon on the fire needs hagala in a kli rishon on the fire. If the beliot were absorbed through iruy kli rishon, hagala can be done with iruy kli rishon, and so on. Hagala pulls the beliot into the water, therefore after doing hagala the water should be poured out, and not used for cooking or drinking.