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Kli sheini – Hagala

Once food or liquid is transferred from a pot to a second dish, the status of the food changes. It is now in a kli sheini, a second utensil. The Rama (או”ח תנא:ב) rules that a utensil that was used in a kli sheini requires hagala. The Shach (יו”ד קה ס”ק ה) questions the Rama since he says clearly, many times, that a kli sheini does not cause a utensil or food to impart or absorb beliot. If so, asks the Shach, why would the Rama write, in Hilchot Pesach, that a kli sheini necessitates hagala? The Shach answers that the Rama is only requiring hagala on Pesach because the laws of chametz on Pesach are very stringent. However, the rest of the year one would not need hagala. For example, if one used a spoon in a bowl of hot chicken soup, the spoon would not be considered meaty, and one can use it to mix a pot of dairy soup without first doing hagala.