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Mashiach and Baseless Hate

In Parshat מסעי we read about the 42 voyages in the desert, and the מפרשים who lean towards the סוד explain that the number of the voyages (מסעות) is corresponding to the שם קדוש — Holy Name that comes out of “אנא בכוח” as there are 42 letters; and 42 מסעות . The Gemara[1] states that this 42- letter Name should be taught only to a student who is modest, humble, passed mid-life (age), does not get angry easily, doesn’t get drunk, and doesn’t hold a grudge. One who knows how to use this name properly is praised greatly, to the point that the גמרא states- ונוחל שתי עולמות and he inherits 2 worlds!

Yet, the Torah is very concise and describes only the voyages; no detail of what Bnei Yisroel do when at each location, stating only “ויסעו ויחנו —they traveled, and they camped”. Only in Elim does it describe location: “And in Elim, there were 12 springs of water and 70 date trees” why is it so significant?? The Targum says: it corresponds to the 12 Tribes and 70 Elders. Similarly, the Midrash Tanhuma states that when coming out of Mitzrayim, the sea split into 12; each tribe had its own path. The אריז”ל says in Shaar Hakavanot[2] that there are 12 paths in heaven, one for each Tribe’s prayer. The 70 Elders, each a giant in Torah on his own accord, offer 70 facets to the Torah.

In theory, this can seemingly raise cause for concern that each will disrespect the other חלילה and the Torah will turn to separate Torahs!??! The nation will segregate itself within their tribes and turn to 12 nations (G-D forbid)?!

That is the reason why the nation of Israel came to “אילם” the acronym alluding to the statement- יעקב אבינו לא מת.[3] All 12 tribes have a common father– Yaakov Avinu, who unites the nation with “שמע ישראל ה’ אלוקינו ה‘ אחד”

The 12 springs provide water to 12 tribes, the 70 date trees provide dates– the date tree is unique in that it doesn’t branch out, it has 1 heart.[4] Even though the elders of Israel have different opinions, they are nevertheless one Sanhedrin, from which comes out 1 Torah.

We read this Parasha during בין המצרים the 3 weeks of mourning the destruction of בית המיקדש that was destroyed for baseless hatred as each fraction of the nation considered its way to be the correct one; each one was the main nation and pursued all others that thought differently.

We need to know: Moshiah is not coming to redeem a tribe; משיח will come only when we will understand the meaning of coming to אילם.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov.

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