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Other Halachot on Waiting Between Meat and Milk

Sleeping between meat and milk does not absolve one from waiting six hours, because the meat and taste of meat is still in a person’s mouth.

If one took medicine that had meat in it, they do not have to wait six hours before eating dairy, according to most poskim.

One must wait even after eating the smallest amount of meat. “Just a tiny bite” does not permit one to skip the wait.

If one mistakenly licks their finger (for example something hot spilled on their finger and the person stuck it in their mouth to cool the burn), they do not have to wait six hours, according to most poskim.

The waiting period starts from when you finished eating meat. If after eating the meat you ate other pareve foods, you still count from the time you finished eating the meat.

You cannot eat meat and milk in one meal. For example, if after finishing the meat you continued eating pareve foods for the next six hours, you would have to make a bracha achrona before eating dairy, even though six hours elapsed.

If during the six hours you mistakenly made a bracha on dairy, you should taste a drop in order to avoid a bracha levatala – a bracha made in vain.