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Are the Halachot the same or different when Tisha B’Av falls out on Motsei Shabbat?

On Shabbat erev Tisha b’Av one should sing, eat and drink regularly just like any other Shabbat, and he may not show any type of avelut. Therefore, if he usually invites people for meals, he should do so this Shabbat as well.

Similarly, one may learn Torah and read Tehilim regularly, and one may take a walk outside with his family as he would do all other Shabatot.

On Seudah Shlishit, one may eat meat and drink wine, and should try to eat sufficiently in order to be able to fast easily the day after

Caution should be taken to stop all eating before shkia (sunset), as that is when the fast begins.

One may not wear Tisha b’Av shoes until nightfall, so as not to show avelut, but is permitted to take off his shoes at sunset if he does so for comfort.

One is allowed to take pills like “Kalei Tzom” or “Pele Tzom” etc. prior to the fast which will help a person fast throughout Tisha B’Av on Shabbat, and it is not an issue of preparing from Shabbat to a weekday (hachana) nor is it an issue of taking medication on Shabbat.

It is best to arrange for Mincha to be early enough that people may go home and eat Seudah Shlishit, and that Arvit should be after Shabbat, giving adequate time for people to change into Tisha b’Av clothing/shoes and come to shul. This also gives time for the shul to remove the chairs and arrange the place.

After Shabbat we don’t do Havdala on wine, rather just blessing on the candle . Many have a minhag to say Bracha on the candle in shul, and if so, the women should also say Bracha on the candle in the house.

Someone who isn’t fasting due to sickness or the like, may do Havdala on wine or grape juice on Tisha b’Av before eating. When he/she does Havdala, they should do so in front of their household enabling all to fulfil their Havdala obligation.

When doing Havdala, none of the Pessukim should be said beforehand, rather start right from the Berachot.

On Sunday night after the fast, those who didn’t hear Havdala yet should do it with wine.

May it be the Will of HaShem that these Halachot be changed to those dealing with proper Simcha with the speedy arrival of the Moshiah and the building of the Bet HaMikdash, Amen.