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Solids – Davar Gush

All halachot of kli rishon and kli sheini until this point were referring to liquids that were in a pot or being poured from a pot. When a solid food gets transferred out of a kli rishon there is a dispute if the same rules apply. The Rama (יו”ד צד:ז) is of the opinion that a solid food is the same as a liquid in regards to the rules of kli rishon and kli sheini. However, the Issur V’heter (מובא בש”ך יו”ד קה ס”ק ח) and the Maharshal (מובא בט”ז יו”ד צד ס”ק יד) say that a solid food does not get cooled significantly when getting transferred from a kli rishon to a kli sheini, and therefore a solid food always retains the status of food in a kli rishon until it has cooled below yad soledet bo. In a case of great loss, the Chochmas Adam and Aruch Hashulchan say one can rely on the more lenient position that a solid food attains the status of a kli sheini.

One should consult with a rabbi in this situation.