Halacha » Switching a Utensil from Meat to Milk

Switching a Utensil from Meat to Milk

The Magen Avraham (או”ח תקט ס”ק יא) writes that it is prohibited to keep switching a utensil from meat to milk and vice versa, because one may forget to kosher the utensil one time and use it for the wrong food. This is a general rule, however there are a few exceptions.

  1. If the utensil always gets heated up to the temperature of libun kal before you use it, there is no concern that you will forget to kosher it before switching to meat or milk, because anyway it gets koshered every time you use it.
  2. If you koshered the utensil for Pesach, after you koshered it you can switch it from meat to milk. This is because you didn’t kosher it to switch it, you mainly koshered it for Pesach. Since this happens only once a year, there is no concern that you will do this often enough to forget if the utensil is milk or meat. (משנה ברורה תנא:יט)
  3. One can specifically make a utensil not kosher, with non-kosher meat or the like, and then kosher it. Once it was koshered it is pareve, and can now be used for either meat or milk. (משנה ברורה תנא:כה)