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Type of Material

The halachot of ketamim are derived from the halachot of ritual impurity. Therefore, only stains found on something which is susceptible to ritual impurity are considered ketamim. The laws of ritual impurity are beyond the scope of this discussion, however, we will list a few practical examples of this halacha.

  • Paper, toilet paper, and paper towels would not accept ketamim. (A woman who finds blood on toilet paper after using the bathroom should consult a rabbi, as there are other factors involved.) It is highly recommended to accustom oneself to not look at toilet paper after wiping. This will help avoid many questions.
  • Pads and panty liners do not accept ketamim. If one finds more than a half dollar bill of blood on a pad, a rabbi should be consulted. Such a large stain may have the halachot of a regular period.
  • Anything connected to the ground, directly or indirectly, does not accept ketamim. This includes the floor, toilet seats, and a bathtub or shower.
  • Clothing made from synthetic materials is a subject of debate among contemporary Poskim. A rabbi should be consulted if a ketem is found on synthetic clothing.