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Maliach Kroseach – Salting is Equivalent to Cooking

The Gemara in Chullin (97b) says that a salted food is considered as if it is hot. In order for food to be considered salty enough that it is as if it were hot, the food must be too salty to eat. This level of saltiness, Rashi explains, is not that it is inedible, rather […]

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Bishul – Cooking

Bishul, cooking, occurs when one heats up a liquid past yad soledet bo in a utensil. Bishul uses indirect heat, meaning that the food is not being heated directly from a fire, rather the heat is being conducted through a pot before reaching the food. Bishul can occur with just a liquid, or a liquid […]

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Transferring Taste

If two items (food or utensils) touch each other, they do not absorb taste from each other without a catalyst. One possible catalyst is heat. There are many different ways to produce heat in halacha; cooking, roasting, baking, and so on. As an aside, this is the reason that we use separate pots for meat […]

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