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Non-Jewish Help Around the House

Non-Jewish Help Around the House Because of the prevalence of non-Jewish domestic help in Jewish households, we will discuss some of the issues that can arise and some solutions. Some of the halachot discussed here are repeated from earlier chapters for the sake of clarity. This section pertains only to non-Jewish employees. In regards to […]

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Permitting Bishul Akum

Permitting Bishul Akum There are three steps in the baking process discussed in the Gemara in regards to pat akum. Any of these steps performed by a Jew would permit pat akum, and the poskim discuss if and when they apply to permit bishul akum. The Gemara writes that if a Jew either lit the […]

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When Does Bishul Akum Apply

There are two prerequisites which must be met for a food to be included in the prohibition of bishul akum. The food must be inedible when raw, and the food must be oleh al shulchan melachim – fit to be served at a king’s table. A food which does not fulfill both of these requirements […]

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