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The New Reality of Nuri

The joke goes that on Pesach there is nothing to eat, and on Sukkot there is nowhere to eat. On Shavuot we are too tired to eat, on Purim we are too drunk to eat and on Chanukah the food is much too oily and fattening to be able to eat. On Rosh Hashana there […]

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Introduction to Koshering Utensils

There are different materials that a utensil can be made out of. Some materials can absorb taste – beliot, and some cannot. If a utensil has beliot that one wishes to remove, the utensil needs to be koshered. The Torah writes (במדבר לא:כב-כג): “אך את הזהב ואת הכסף את הנחשת את הברזל את הבדיל ואת […]

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