Halacha Tag: k'bolo kach polto


Libun means heating the utensil to the temperature that, if it were made of iron, the utensil would release sparks (שו”ע או”ח תנא:ד, ע”ע לבושי עוז פח:ו). This is usually referred to as libun gamur. Libun needs to be this hot even if the beliot were not absorbed at such high temperatures, because libun works […]

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K’bolo Kach Polto – Beliot Come Out the Way They Go In

The Gemara (פסחים ל) writes regarding utensils that can be koshered, there is a rule k’bolo kach polto – whatever method was originally used to put the beliot in the utensil is the method necessary to remove the beliot. The Gemara explains that there are different levels of koshering a utensil. Cooking in water (hagala) […]

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