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What is Considered Bread

The following is a short general explanation of which foods are included in “pat” – bread – and would have the halachot of pat akum. Only foods made from the five types of grain are included. The five grains are wheat, barley, spelt, oats, and rye. Foods made from corn flour or rice flour are […]

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When is Pat Akum Forbidden?

The Gemara (עבודה זרה לה) writes that Rebbi was visiting his students and he saw that they did not have bread to eat. Rebbi asked them “Do you not have bakers in this town?”. There are two opinions about what Rebbi meant to ask; either Rebbi was merely asking where were the Jewish bakers. Alternatively, […]

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Pat Akum – Bread of a Non-Jew

The Mishna (עבודה זרה לה) writes that it is forbidden for a Jew to eat Pat Akum, bread baked by a non-Jew baker. Rather one must only buy Pat Yisrael, bread baked by a Jewish baker. The main reason written in the Gemara is that bread is a very important part of daily life, and […]

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