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Ben Yomo – Hagala

The Rama (יו”ד קכא:ב) writes that the custom is to do hagala only when a utensil is not a ben yomo – not used in the past twenty-four hours. There are two reasons for this custom. One reason is that we don’t want a person to mistakenly do hagala on a meat utensil and dairy […]

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There is a dispute among the poskim if the beliot of chametz have the status of forbidden food or permitted food when a utensil is being koshered for use on Pesach. The chametz is most certainly forbidden on Pesach, however, since it is not yet Pesach, how do we treat the chametz? Is it permitted […]

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Introduction to Koshering Utensils

There are different materials that a utensil can be made out of. Some materials can absorb taste – beliot, and some cannot. If a utensil has beliot that one wishes to remove, the utensil needs to be koshered. The Torah writes (במדבר לא:כב-כג): “אך את הזהב ואת הכסף את הנחשת את הברזל את הבדיל ואת […]

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