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Tzli – Roasting

Roasting is defined as cooking a solid food with direct heat from a fire. The Gemara in Chulin (96b) quotes Shmuel that if one roasted a piece of meat with the sciatic nerve (a forbidden part of the animal) still in it, one may eat from the piece of meat until you reach the sciatic […]

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Tzli Kadur – Roasted in a Pan

When one cooks food in a pan without liquid, and the food gets cooked through the heat of the pan, this is called tzli kadur. The status of two foods that touched while getting cooked through tzli kadur is the same as that of any two foods getting cooked through regular tzli (to be discussed […]

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Transferring Taste

If two items (food or utensils) touch each other, they do not absorb taste from each other without a catalyst. One possible catalyst is heat. There are many different ways to produce heat in halacha; cooking, roasting, baking, and so on. As an aside, this is the reason that we use separate pots for meat […]

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