Halacha Tag: rov tashmisho

Cold Usage

Utensils that generally get used for cold food or drinks only, such as cups, need to be cleaned well, but do not require any further koshering. If there is a possibility that they were used for hot, according to the Rama (who rules that we are stringent regarding rov tashmisho) they would need hagala or […]

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Iruy Kli Rishon – Hagala

The stream of liquid poured from a kli rishon is called iruy kli rishon. A utensil which gets used through iruy, such as a bowl into which hot soup was poured directly from a pot, can be koshered by pouring water from a kli rishon onto it. If there is reason to believe that the […]

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Rov Tashmisho

If a utensil was used for many different methods of cooking and storing food, there is a dispute among the Rishonim concerning what method of koshering should be used. The Raavad (ע”ז עו. ד”ה רב אשי) and Raavya (סימן תסד) rule that if a utensil was mostly used for cooking and it was just used […]

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