Halacha Tag: shishim

Tzli – Roasting

Roasting is defined as cooking a solid food with direct heat from a fire. The Gemara in Chulin (96b) quotes Shmuel that if one roasted a piece of meat with the sciatic nerve (a forbidden part of the animal) still in it, one may eat from the piece of meat until you reach the sciatic […]

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Bitul – Nullification

There are two categories of mixtures in regard to nullification. The first category is a dry mixture where the foods are mixed together but do not dissolve into each other. The second category is a wet mixture, which is classified as any mixture that the two elements are dissolved in each other and not distinguishable […]

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Taam K’ikar – Taste is Equivalent to the Food Itself

When a food is forbidden to eat, the taste of the food is also forbidden (Chullin 98b). The Gemara in Pesachim (44b) brings two sources for this. The first source is learned from a nazarite, one who is forbidden to eat grapes. The Torah says that a nazarite cannot eat anything in which grapes have […]

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