Halacha Tag: six hours

Tasting Meat

If one chewed meat and spit it out (for example, for a child), they still must wait six hours before eating dairy, in line with the Rambam’s opinion that we wait for meat stuck between the teeth (שו”ע יו”ד פט:א). If one only tasted the meat with their tongue and did not chew at all, […]

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What is Considered the “Next Meal?”

There are three main opinions in regard to the length of time needed to be considered a new meal. Most Rishonim rule that the standard length of time between two meals is six hours, and that is how long one must wait between meat and dairy. This is the opinion of Rashi and the Rambam […]

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Meat Between the Teeth

If after waiting six hours there is still meat between the teeth, one is required to remove the meat and wash out their mouth (either by rinsing or taking a drink) and eat something before eating dairy. If after removing the meat from one’s teeth they ate the meat that was removed, they do not […]

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