Inyan: Parshat Chayei Sarah


1. May one do oral surgery on Friday when he knows he will have to take medications on Shabbat and be in pain through the Shabbat? There is a known machloket between the Ashkenazi halacha and Sefaradi regarding performing a delayed Brit Milah before Shabbat, as it will cause the person to violate the Shabbat […]

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Lashon Harah in Shidduchim

Parashat Chayei Sarah is known to be the Parasha of shidduchim. One who reaches the parasha of shidduchim knows very well how many questions of Lashon Hara arise after every date. Today we would like to explore some of these questions and see what the Poskim have to say about them. What is a Shadchan […]

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A Lesson from Sarah Imenu

In the Parasha this week, we find the events that follow after the burial of Sarah Imenu. What is interesting to note about all the events is that none seem to speak about Sarah Imenu. Normally the title of a chapter is indicative of the contents of the chapter, for example if one wrote a […]

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