Inyan: Parshat Devarim

The Mitzvah of Rebuke and Its Purpose

Sefer Devarim is known as the book of rebuke, as the root of the word “Devarim” is davar which Chazal teach us refers to harsh speech. Moshe Rabbenu gave this rebuke during the last month of his life, which Rashi explains was for their own honor; so as not to embarrass them. Furthermore, when initiating […]

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Are the Halachot the same or different when Tisha B’Av falls out on Motsei Shabbat? On Shabbat erev Tisha b’Av one should sing, eat and drink regularly just like any other Shabbat, and he may not show any type of avelut. Therefore, if he usually invites people for meals, he should do so this Shabbat […]

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Who Must Fast On 9 Av

Introduction Tisha B’Av has been established as a Day of Mourning for generations due to 5 terrible tragedies which all occurred on this day: On this day, the decree was sealed upon the Jewish Nation sojourning through the desert that they would not merit entering Eretz Yisrael due to the sin of (negative reports of […]

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