Inyan: Parshat Ki Teitzei

Ben Sorer U’Moreh – Parenting With A United Front

In this week’s Parasha, the Torah tells us of the — בן סורר ומורה the wayward son. Amongst other requirements, the Gemara tells us that one of the prerequisites needed to actually deem one a  בן סורר ומורהis that the voice of both parents must be equal, as one. Though the Gemara teaches that it’s […]

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Q&A: Selichot

Can a minyan say Selichot at night if they really don’t have time to do so in the day? From nightfall until midnight, one must absolutely not say Selichot, since according to Kabala it’s a time that rises bad spiritual effects. Even if one is asked to complete a minyan and be the tenth one, […]

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Transferring Contagious Patients to Nursing Homes

At the height of the virus, the Governor of New York saw fit to send elderly patients back to their nursing homes, despite the fact that they were obviously ill with the contagious coronavirus and carried a risk of infecting others. As they were all high-risk due to their age, it was likely that many […]

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