Inyan: Parshat Massay

Q&A: The Nine Days

Are there any laws pertaining specifically for the 9 days between Rosh Chodesh and Tisha B’Av? The Shulhan Aruch[1] writes משנכנס אב ממעטין בשמחה – When Rosh Hodesh Av comes in, we minimize our happiness. This is due to the many calamities which have befallen the Jewish People during this time period. Therefore, certain things […]

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Mashiach and Baseless Hate

In Parshat מסעי we read about the 42 voyages in the desert, and the מפרשים who lean towards the סוד explain that the number of the voyages (מסעות) is corresponding to the שם קדוש — Holy Name that comes out of “אנא בכוח” as there are 42 letters; and 42 מסעות . The Gemara[1] states […]

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Backing Out of A Minyan

Some shuls have hard time gathering ten men for their prayers, and many times they ask members to commit to come and help. If one agreed to attend such a minyan which is having a hard time getting ten men, may he back out if it becomes inconvenient for him to go? Anyone who has […]

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