Inyan: Parshat Tetzaveh

Buying STA”M (Sefer Torah, Tefilin & Mezuzot)

When one goes to buy different things for himself, i.e. a new phone, etc. he doesn’t just walk into a store and get whatever the salesmen offers him; rather he first researches which phone would be most recommended and makes sure that it has all the features that he might need, like an advanced camera, […]

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Q&A The Halachos of Teffilin

1. When buying Tefillin, is it true that the most important thing to look for is the Parshiot, the text inside the cases? No. Tefillin are made of 3  main parts: Parshiot, Batim and Retsuot (straps). If any of those three aren’t Kosher, the whole Tefillin isn’t Kosher. For example, if the Batim (the boxes) […]

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ואתה תצוה את בני ישראל ויקחו אליך שמן זית זך כתית למאור להעלת נר תמיד (שמות כז,כ) אליך ולא לי, לא לאורה אני צריך (מנחות פו,ב) Last week a famous television activist, who’s very influential with millions of viewers every day, made a comment that created an uproar and resulted in her temporary suspension from […]

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