Inyan: Parshat Vayikra

Relationships – It’s the Way We Speak

Immediately upon commencing the reading of Megilat Esther, we understand the fate of those who don’t follow the royal command. Wicked Queen Vashti refused to come in front of King Achashverosh as instructed, and was almost immediately ordered to be killed; without any “due justice” as per the instruction of Achashverosh’s advisors. The reason for […]

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Mitzvot for Women on Purim

Women and Purim On the holiday of Purim, the women have almost the same obligations as the men, save for some minute differences. Although women are normally exempt from Mitzvot which aren’t consistent and are time-bound; when dealing with the holiday of Purim, women are obligated as well. This is because they were part of […]

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Halachot of Parashat Zachor

I understand that the reading of Parashat Zachor is a Biblical obligation (דאורייתא), but what are the implications of that? There are a few things one should implement during the reading of Parashat Zachor that he normally doesn’t have to do. He should make sure to hear the Parasha from the most mehudar Sefer Torah […]

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