Inyan: Parshat Vayishlach

Wake Up!

In our Parasha, Dina gets kidnapped by Shechem, and her brothers Shimon and Levy come to the rescue. The Bet Yosef[1] brings a machloket Rishonim regarding a case in which a girl was kidnapped by Goyim, if one may violate the Shabbat in order to save her. Of course, everyone agrees that if there is […]

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Q&A – Folding laundry on Shabbat, Yashan

May one fold laundry on Shabbat? Regarding regular clothing from the washer/dryer (as opposed to clothing from a dry cleaner/laundromat that have creases, and thus have different Halachot), many poskim permit one to fold laundry if the intention is to just keep the house looking neat and clean. However, if the intention is to lessen […]

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Gid Hanashe and The Spiritual Fight Throughout History

“Therefore, the children of Israel should not eat the displaced tendon/sinew (גיד הנשה)”. the Torah commands us to refrain from eating Gid Hanashe, not merely as a reminder of Yaakov Avinu’s fights with the Angel of Esav, who is the Yetser Hara, the evil inclination; but as a message for the future: the spiritual damage […]

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