Are Women Obligated to Pray Musaf?

Are Women Obligated to Pray Musaf?
A women is allowed to pray musaf but there is a disagreement in the poskim whether she’s obligated.
The dispute is based on the fact that the prayer of musaf is compared to the sacrifice of musaf which was brought on rosh chodesh. This korban was bought with money that was collected only from men. Since women aren’t part of this sacrifice they also don’t have to pray musaf (R’ Akiva Eiger and Chacham Ovadiah are also of this opinion).
Another reason to exempt women is the fact that this is a mitsva that is bound to time מצווה שהזמן גרמא ,צל”ח.
Others argue that although women didn’t have to participate by paying for the korban, they also benefited from the fact that it was brought since they would also get kapara,atonement. Therefore they should pray musaf (באר יצחק). This is also the opinion oqf the אור לציון.
Lemaase, although we find a machloket at musaf but Chacham Ovadiah writes that if she decides to pray we shouldn’t stop her and its worth mentioning the beautiful words of Rav Avraham Falagi who wrote that women are answered in their prayers quicker than men because they are closer to Hashem.

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