If I had accidentally used a dairy spoon in hot Meat food how do I kosher it?

A – Hagala
Q – No difference if the spoon was a Ben yomo or not, shishim or not?
A – No difference
Q – Why not?
A – Because it became meat
Q – חתיכה נעשית נבילה?
A – When you place a spoon of one kind for example dairy into a meat dish mideoraita if the spoon wasn’t used for 24 hours with hot milk its fine but chazal made a gzrea אינו בן יומו אטו בן יומו and said it should be treated as a utensil that became treif since its a dairy utensil that absorbed meat. Its not because of חנ”ן since its not ben yomo.
See all that at siman צ”ג
Q – What’s if the spoon was only used with cold dairy?
A – Was it. It only absorbs with hot or if it was sitting in the milk for 24 hours although its cold

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