Mesilat Yesharim Part 1

One of the classical works in Jewish literature explaining Jewish philosophy and showing an elevated way of life was written by the Ramchal, Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzato who lived in the 18th century in Italy.
The Ramchal’s sefer Mesilat Yesharim became a guide to all Jewish people on how one should view life and what is the purpose of life.
B’h with a weekly overview of this very inspiring work we’ll try to travel through the journey and collect those beautiful diamonds that were placed by this great rabbi.
It’s interesting to note that the Ramchal starts his sefer by informing us that there are no ‘chidushim’ in his work. This means that everything he wrote was old, known things which were written only to remind people of that which they might have forgotten. I saw once a Rosh Yeshiva who wrote that he couldn’t understand those words since the whole sefer of mesilat yesharim is chidushim and with that mindset we will try to walk on the path of the righteous.

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