Mesilat Yesharim Part 10

In the third perek, the sefer starts becoming more technical and divides a person’s time of thinking about his actions into two categories. One category is thinking about his actions at the time that he is doing them and the other category is thinking about his actions at the time that he isn’t doing them.
At both those times one must have an open eye on his ways.
At the times that he does any actions, he should think hard if his ways fit with the Torah’s ways or not. During the time that he isn’t doing any actions, he should think generally if he is going in the right way or not.
If he finds that he isn’t acting in accordance to the Torah, he should make sure to improve his actions.
This advice is actually from Chazal themselves as they said נוח לו לאדם שלא נברא יותר משנברא ועכשיו שנברא יפשפש במעשיו, ויש אומרים ימשמש במעשיו. – ערובין יג,ב
This means that once a person was created, he should do both פשפוש and משמוש for his ways. פשפוש means to look generally if his ways are good or not and if not to improve them. משמוש means that even the good should be improved. This is just like a person who checks merchandise to see if it is strong and firm by touching it which is the translation of משמוש.
One needs to actually take this seriously and set aside time to think about this daily because this could help a person put himself on the right track leading to olam haba.

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