Mesilat Yesharim Part 11

When one is blinded by the magical spell of the yetser hara, he is actually being deceived in two ways.
Chazal tell us that the pasuk תשת חשך ויהי לילה is referring to this world which is compared to night. The comparison is that darkness causes one to be mistaken in two ways. One is that he doesn’t see any stones or other things that may be on the road and he may stumble upon them. The second mistake is even worse that even the things he sees appear to him to be different than what they really are.
The same is true with this world. The yetser hara blinds us from seeing the truth but even worse he makes us think that bad is good and good is bad. So much so that those who are blinded by him are convinced that their way is correct and attempt to prove their mistaken thoughts. Those who don’t let their mind become blinded by the mistake of the darkness can really look and laugh at how wrong those people are.
This is compared to a maze in a house of mirrors. One who goes inside has very hard time finding his way out but if there is a person who stands on top and sees the path, he could direct him. If he doesn’t want to listen to him, he might get more and more lost.

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