Mesilat Yesharim Part 3

If you want to understand why it’s so hard to achieve ‘yirat shamayim’ you should know that the reason for this is because its a mitsva to fear Hashem and no mitsva comes easily without a struggle. The bigger the mitsva, is the stronger the struggle is. As the expression goes, “no pain-no gain”.
Therefore, since yirat shamayim is the primary accomplishment in this world, its not like all things that come naturally to a person, rather we have to work hard to get it and acquire all the needed tools to get this important mida. At the same time we must look over our shoulders for those who try to cause our mission to fail as they also understand its greatness and will try to do all to stop us short from achieving it.
Accordingly, if one sits idle and does nothing to go up the stairs to heaven not only he would stand still, he will go down similar to someone on an escalator going down. As long as you march forward you’ll go up slowly but surely. Once you stop, down you’ll go.

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