Mesilat Yesharim Part 5

Upon completion of the introduction, the sefer starts the first chapter with the famous words “יסוד החסידות ושרש העבודה”. The Ramchal explains that the foundation of our work in this world is to know what our goal is and what is our mission. Once we find out what that is we must then look to see how we can reach it.
A. Set the goal, B. Understand the tools that you have to reach the goal.
For example, a businessman man has a clear goal to make money and for that he sets a plan of how to reach it.
The goal set is to enjoy Hashem’s presence which is the highest pleasure in this world. The way to reach it is to perform His mitsvot. Chazal compare this world to a hallway to the next world which is the place of this big enjoyment, the enjoyment of being close to Hashem.
It’s interesting to note that the initials of the first four words in this chapter are Hashem’s name which tells us that not only should every person in his right mind do so but even more than this, this is what Hashem Himself wants for us.

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