Mesilat Yesharim Part 8

When you start observing your ways, first deal with staying away from the bad as the pasuk instructs סור מרע and afterwards ועשה טוב.
One who isn’t careful could be even worse than the animals who by nature stay away from anything that could be harmful to them and he is compared to a blind person who walks on the tip of the river that any moment could fall into the river.
Yirmiya anavie (the prophet Jeremiah) screamed at the people at his generation that they arent looking to improve their ways and compared them to a horse who just runs into war without noticing that he is running towards the danger.
When it comes to being careful that our acts are according to Torah standards, we need to realize that the yetser is going to try to use his techniques on us in order to stop us. One of the techniques is to keep us very busy with our daily life in order so that we don’t spend the time necessary to think about what’s important. This is just like what pharaoh the king of Egypt commanded his slaves that more work should be placed upon them in order to keep them too busy from thinking about Hashem.

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