Accepting Gay Person

if a openly gay Jew wants to join your kehilla. is the Rav of the shul obligated to kick him out? accepting him is a a problem since his lifestyle is against the Torah

A – If a openly lashon ara Jew wants to join your kehilla,would you accept him? If not good luck finding a minyan.
Lashon ara isn’t better
Q – the Torah does not call Loshan hara an abomination. Also it’s not chayav mitah. If that’s the case can I allow a Jew who is married to a animal to your shul?
A – The Rambam says that a person who speaks lashon ara doesn’t have חלק לעולם הבא and he burns forever in gehenom and he is punishable by karet and its as bad as the three great sins.and on and on