Bracha Achrona on Mezonot and Rice

If one eats mezonos and rice, is it two after brochas of all hamichya and borei nefashos or does the al hamichya cover the rice?

Some say the al hamichya covers the rice as well (Kaf Hachaim 208:41, Yalkut Yosef 208:12). Others say that is does not and one must say a separate borei nefashot of the rice (Shut Shevet Halevi vol 9, 65).

One way to avoid the issue is to make the borei nefashot first and then the al hamichya [even though usually we make al hamichya first and then borei nefashot], since this way the borei nefashot will for sure be properly made on the rice (Shiurei Rav Eliyashiv on brachot p. 488).