Child Being Tovel Kelim

Can I send my child (under bar/bat mitzva) to go be tovel kelim for me?

The halacha is that a child can be tovel kelim, since the tevila doesn’t need any form of kavana (intent). HOWEVER, there is a side issue that a child under bar/bat mitzva cannot halachicly be trusted that he did indeed be tovel them, and even if he comes home and says he was tovel them he cannot be relied on (1). Therefore, the only we to practically permit sending a child to be tovel them would be if he found someone else there at the mikva who can call/text his parents and attest that he indeed was tovel the kelim.

Regarding glass kelim, there is more room to permit relying on a child to be tovel them. Since glass utensils only need tevila medrabanan, there is room to argue that a child could be trusted. In a time of need, one should consult a Rabbi if he can rely on this opinion (2).

  1. Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 120:14
  2. See Pischei Tshuva and Rabbi Akiva Eiger (ibid), Chochmas Adam (73:21), Aruch Hashulchan (120:13)
Rabbi Shay Tahan