Eating Fake Cheeseburgers

Is one allowed to eat a meat burger with fake cheese? Is there a problem of marat ayin – people thinking that someone is doing something wrong?

It is forbidden to eat meat with fake milk/cheese (or vice versa) because of marit ayin (S.A. and Rama Y.D. 87:3-4). However, there are several points to discuss in regards to whether cheeseburgers would be included in this prohibition. See our article for an overview of the issue of marit ayin in regards to food.

Marit Ayin For Issur Derabanan

There is a discussion as to whether the idea of marit ayin applies only when someone might mistakenly think you are violating an issur deorayta, or even just an issur derabanan. The consensus of poskim is that in public one must be stringent and not do anything that could be construed as violating even an issur derabanan, however in private one must only refrain from things which look like an issur deorayta. (source 1)

We know that only meat and milk which are cooked together are assur mideorayta, but just eating them together is only an issur derabanan (S.A. Y.D. 87:1) [see our article on the topic]. Therefore, if the meat and fake cheese were not cooked together rather just put together in the sandwich, it would be permissible to eat it in private. (source 2)

Things Which Everyone Knows Are Parve

There is a discussion in the poskim regrading foods that everyone knows exist in a parve form if there is marit ayin in such a case, since it can be argues that no one would think you are violating a prohibition rather they would assume you are just eating the parve version. For example, some say it would be permitted to out parve creamer into coffee that one is drinking with meat, since no one would assume you are putting milk into your coffee rather they would assume you are putting in a parve coffee creamer. The consensus of poskim is that if the parve version is as common as the real one (say, it is as common to put parve creamer into a coffee as real milk) to the point that someone seeing it will almost assume that you are eating the parve version and not real one, then it is permissible. (source 3)

Therefore, in regards to the cheeseburger, if in your area fake cheese is very common (as common as real cheese), then it is permissible.

Heker – Sign

If one wants to eat fake cheese with meat in a way that there is a potential marit ayin problem, the way to make it mutar is by putting a sign to show clearly that the cheese is parve (Rama Y.D. 87:3). This can be done by putting the package of fake cheese on the table while eating, or writing a large sign that is easily noticable to anybody passing by. (source 4) See our article on the topic.

Therefore if you want to eat your cheeseburger, put the package of fake cheese on the table, or write a large clear sign that the cheese is fake, and then it is permissible.

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  2. יש לדון אם הבשר או הגבינה עדיין חמים שהוא צלי אם יש לאסור דשייך בזה איסור דאורייתא. ולמעשה, בספר הלכות בשר בחלב (פ”א סעי’ סד והע’ קפג, פ”ב הע’ כו) הביא מהגרמ”ש קליין שיש להקל בזה בצלי וטיגון כיון שהוא מח’ אם נחשב דרך בישול ואנו מקילים בהפסד מרובה, על כן לא שייך מראית עין, אבל הביא שדעת הגר”צ וובר שאין להקל בזה.

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