Going to a Non-Jewish School

What is the halacha for attending a Catholic university for a completely secular program of study (the program would be for teacher’s certification in my province so no religious classes/classes on Catholicism whatsoever)? I don’t know very much about this university but they emphasized in a brochure that they are open to people of all religions and they didn’t mention anything about Catholicism other than a vague comment about being a university “in the Catholic tradition”. I would need to do more research but I’m wondering if you can provide any insight with the information I have so far. The reason I would attend this school over a secular university is that secular universities are very difficult to gain acceptance to where I live, and there’s just a much greater chance of me being accepted to this university. Also, is there a problem of paying tuition to a Catholic university since presumably at least some of the money goes towards avodah zara (e.g. their training for clergy, an on-campus chapel, etc)?

You may attend the school, although if there is any way you can find an alternative that would be preferable.

All the best.
Rabbi Shay Tahan