Kashering a Meat Board

Good evening.

A small (1 ounce) hot piece of chicken fell on a parve wooden cutting board and was picked up from there almost immediately (1-2 seconds after). The cutting board is large and thick (10 inch width, 17 inch length, 2 inches thick). I was also cutting onions on that board 15 minutes prior to chicken landing on it, and it wasn’t washed after onions at that time.

Is the board still parve? If not, can it be reverted back to being parve?

Thank you very much.

In order to revert the board to pareve status, you should perform iruy on the board.
To do iruy, boil water in a pot until the water is a rolling boil. Then, pour the water from the pot directly on to the cutting board. You need to wait 24 hours from when the board was used before kashering.
If you would like to read a bit more about this topic, check out our website. In the Halacha section there are articles detailing the various halachot of koshering utensils. Below is a link to the article specifically discussing materials that can be koshered.
All the best
Rabbi Shay Tahan