Kashrus With a Non-Jew Around

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Hello Rabbi,
I have somone non-jewish in my house. He prepares eggs and when he eats them, he eats them from the pan he cooked and he scoops out the eggs with treif toasted bread that he prepared in a treif toaster. My question is do my pots and stove need to be kashered because of the treif bread coming to contact with the pan?


If a non jew cooks in a pot and turned on the fire himself, the food cooked is bishul akum, and is not kosher. The food that he cooked would itself make the pot non kosher.
Such a pot would require hagala, koshering with boiling water, or if the food was fried with minimal oil the pot would need libun, koshering by heating the to at least 759 degrees Fahrenheit.
The bread would also make the pot non kosher, however, you should realize that all the food he cooks makes your pots non kosher.
All the best.
Rabbi Shay Tahan