Lecithin Granules on Passover?

My Doctor recommended I take daily Lecithin Granules.
Is it okay to take this on Pesach?
following is more information about the Lecithin Granules I take…
The company is called “NOW”
The ingredients states “SOY LECITHIN GRANULES (NON-GMO)”

It is NOT a pill, it is small tiny pieces that I mix with a drink.

Thank You

One nay eat kitniyos for medical purposes. HOWEVER, this is only permitted for a true medical purpose. Therefore, you must ask your doctor if this is just a health thing, or this is a medicinal treatment that you need to have. If your doctor says that you need to eat it, you also must find out if there’s anything else that you can eat instead of this for pesach.
Only once you have fulfilled both conditions, that you are taking it for a medicinal purpose and not just for over a health, and that there are no other alternatives that you can use on pesach, may you then eat it on pesach.
All the best
Rabbi Shay Tahan