Meat and Dairy Which Mistakenly Mixed

I had some meat that was sitting on my counter and I was making a bottle for my kid nearby. When i shook the bottle to mix it, some milk landed on the meat. Is the meat allowed to be eaten still? is it basar bchalav right away?

One may never eat milk and meat together, even if they were not cooked together. One who eats milk and meat at the same time, even though it was not cooked together, has transgressed a rabbinical prohibition.

That said, milk and meat that touched when cold are not immediately prohibited. If the meat was not yad soledet bo (the temperature at which one’s hand is scalded – about 114 degrees Fahrenheit), then the meat and milk have not cooked yet. If the milk can be rinsed off the meat, one may do so, permitting the meat (שו”ע יו”ד צא:ז, ש”ך ס”ק א). For ashkenazim, the Rama (יו”ד צא:ז) rules that, unless there is a situation of great loss, we assume the milk spread through the entire piece of meat and there is no way to remove it. If there is 120 times more meat than the volume of milk that landed on the meat, the meat can be rinsed and eaten (הפר”ח ס”ק יח וחוו”ד ס”ק יד).


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