Non-Kosher pan for Arts & Crafts

We have a standard crock pot – ceramic pot that fits into a metal enclosure. Someone in my home was working on a craft project, which required heat. The person bought a frying pan from a second hand store (not kosher), and heated the item in the non-kosher frying pan, on the stove. It didn’t work, so the item (that was in the heated non-kosher frying pan) was then placed in the crock pot and heated that way. Let’s assume the item went into both the base alone, as well as the ceramic pot on the base. Is the crock pot still kosher? If not, can it be kashered?
Thank you.

The crock pot is fine, and does not need to be kashered.
A non-kosher pot only imparts the non-kosher taste to food cooked in it, if the non-kosher food was cooked in the pot within the last 24 hours. For example, if someone cooked non-kosher food in a pot, then 25 hours later cooked kosher food inside, the kosher food is permitted to be eaten (the exception is if the kosher food has a sharp taste, such as onions).
Therefore, the craft project that was warmed up in the non-kosher pan never really received any of the non-kosher taste (and hence never transferred it onward to the crock pot), since we can assume that the pan had not been used for non-kosher food in the last 24 hours.
All the best
Rabbi Shay Tahan