Pouring out Water From Can on Shabbat

Can I take out the water from the can of corn and can of Olives on shabbat?

A – You can spill but not up to the point that the water on the bottom when the flow stops and it starts dripping.
Q – I’m sorry rabbi I didn’t understand how to do it . According to borer on shabat a small corn pieces from the can that filled with water . How can I spill the water from the can with out violating borer on shabat . Thank you
A – At siman שי”ט,יד the shulchan aruch explains thatone is allowed to pour slowly from a can that contains food and liquid if the food is sitting on the bottom of the can.because that doesn’t look like your separating but once it starts dripping now it does look like separating.if you have big pieces dont wait until it drips but stop as soon as the food is exposed out of the liquid