Small Stain


I’m trying to keep Hilchot Niddah and I don’t know what’s included.
I’m on birth control for a few months and just went on to the placebo pills. I started staining and it’s light brown and very little. Is my husband allowed to touch me? Can he see me undressed?
Please explain it to me
Thanks so much

I appreciate you asking this question, it is not easy to keep hilchot niddah, and especially during the uncertain parts of the lifecycle it can be difficult keep the halachot properly. Whatever the situation, one should always have an open and intimate emotional relationship with their spouse.
Spotting, when the stain is not red, it does not make a woman a niddah. A flow of blood is only considered a period once there is enough to fill up a half-dollar-bill amount on a pad in 3-4 hours, or two fingers worth on three pads. You should put in a pad to avoid issues of ketamim – stains which give one a status of niddah.
When going off the hormonal pill, a period is almost certain to start within two or three days, and one should be careful around that time, so as to avoid situations that may lead to transgressing the halachot of niddah.
For a more detailed explanation of the halachot of staining, see Halachot of Staining.
All the best
(as a side note, it may be advised to take a questionable stain to a competent Rov to determine the status of the color. The laws of stains are intricate and may seem daunting, however, there are many Rabbis and Women who are available to teach one the laws of Niddah. If you are unable to find someone in your community, feel free to reach out to me to help.)
Rabbi Shay Tahan