Women and Havdalah

Is it true that women don’t need to do havdallah but can just say “baruch hamavdil ben kodesh lekhol” three times?

The Shulchan Aruch writes that women are obligated in havdala, but quotes an opinion that disagrees. The Rama writes that because of this, a woman should have a man make havdala for her rather than making havdala herself. The Magen Avraham adds that even those that hold a woman is not obligated in havdala, agree that if she wishes she can make havdala for herself.

A woman should do her best to hear havdala, and, if no one is around, she should make havdala herself. Saying Baruch Hamavdil is sufficient to start doing melacha after shabbat, but does not replace havdala.

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