Working in Non-Kosher Wine Store

Can a person WORK In a non-kosher wine store and sell as a cashier if they do not own the wine? (the owner of the wine is a goy.)

A.there is a machloket in halacha(ש”ע ורמ”א וראה ש”ך) if one is allowed to have benefit from today goi wine
B.Tshuvot vehanhagot says one isn’t allowed to shop at a Jewish store that sells wine since you might receive money change from cashier that is אסור בהנאה but the change from a goi store is allowed.
According to that we see he holds that goi wine is asur even today
C.some poskim.(מחזה אליהו ועוד)hold today wine is done on machines without human hand and according to that even Maran would allow הנאה,benefit.
It seems that if one can’t find another job it will be permitted.
The above was written not lemaase. If one has this question sincerely, I’ll look into it further.