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Lighting Menorah As a Guest

Hello Rabbi, if we stay at someone’s house for Shabbat (Chanuka) cane we take our menorah and light there? Or do we pay for the use of their candles and take part lighting with them? Thank you.

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Tehilim After Chanuka Candles

I’ve seen many places where it says that it’s a segula to say certain perakim of tehillim after the Hanukkah candle lighting. Does doing this segula conflict with ‏עניין of not reading tehillim at night? If it does which is better to follow, refraining from tehillim at night or saying the segula

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Lighting Chanuka Candles

If in my father’s home (in which I reside), my father designates my younger sister to light the chanukiah throughout the 8 days, am I yotze the mitzvah with that lighting?

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